There is no denial to the charm that wooden floorings bestows in any given space! Ain't it? However, there is no denial further that natural wood is not easy to maintain, is on the expensive side and is not compatible with spaces like bathrooms or kitchens.  Does this call for giving up the uncontaminated forest feel in your home?

Well, we have a solution! NATURE's TRANQUILITY of natural wood, have brought us the latest development of the Wooden Plank series of collection.  Nature's amazingly bestowed beauty with an artistic touch will now be a part of your precious spaces to make it as enchanting and evergreen as wood.

You will find yourself pondering, as to: Whether the Kirti Magnet's Wooden plank tiles are, A Replica of Real Wood.

Would you incorporate a tile from Chelsea Series in your settings?


Beyond the autonomous squares and rectangles, Kirti Magnet's Wood Story brings wooden planks in sizes 200x1200mm and 300x1200mm in super slim thickness of 6mm & 9mm

Digital Printing

This collection of tiles is made using the most advanced digital printing techniques to manufacture high-resolution impressions of graphic artwork for exquisite aesthetic results to draw out the serene nature of untouched forest ambiance in every home.

Wooden Planks tiles are available in these finishes: Matt, Carving, Laminate, Wood

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to be continued in the next blog...

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